Still Sick raw 第01-03巻

Still Sick 第01-03巻
Official English: Shimizu Makoto, a well-paid R&D lead for an industrial firm, has a secret: she draws and sells GL doujinshi as a hobby! But when her sweet summery colleague, Maekawa, accidentally enters her forbidden world of girls who like other girls, Shimizu has to face some serious realisations… And deal with just how much of a weirdo Maekawa really is!Tokyo Pop descriptions:Volume 1 - Makoto Shimizu is just an ordinary office worker, blending in seamlessly with her colleagues on the job... That is, until her coworker Akane Maekawa discovers her well-hidden secret: in her spare time, she draws and sells girls' love comics!Akane is the last person Makoto would think of as a nerd, but as the two grow closer, it starts to seem like Akane may have a secret of her own...Voume 2 - After finding out that her coworker Akane used to be a manga creator, Makoto encourages her new friend to recapture that dream. As an amateur comic artist herself, Makoto looks up to Akane and tries to help her overcome the difficulties that made her give up that profession in the past. Although Akane is often her own worst critic, Makoto inspires her to try reshaping her attitude toward her art.But matters become more complicated when Makoto realizes that, somewhere along the way, what started out as a professional friendship over a common interest has developed into... a serious crush!Volume 3 - The anticipated final volume of the whirlwind office romance is here!Akane and Makoto grow closer, as Makoto is finally able to realize her dream with someone who loves her and believes in her by her side. Are the two women finally able to confess their feelings to one another?
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